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Alexander Dumas' Georges

Alexandre Dumas wrote some of the most well-known tales of adventure in history. His historical epic adventures listed The Count of Monte Cristo, The Man in the Iron Mask, and The Three Musketeers among his many titles, although originally his fame was derived from the plays that he wrote in Paris. He was born on July 24, 1802 with the name Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie and laid to rest on December 5, 1870. He wrote prolifically using many styles and genre’s to complete his portfolio. He wrote plays, novels, children’s stories, magazine articles, and even Alexandre Dumas‘ Dictionary of Cuisine. His career began with writing for magazines, but by 1829 he
would see his first play produced. That play, Henry III and his Court would be followed the next year by Christine. His career was a success by his intuition on marketing his work and it was the business of writing that created a successful career for him along with the talent for the work.
In 1840 he would marry an actress by the name of Ida Ferrier, but it would be one of his four illegitimate children, Alexandre Dumas fils, who would write the novel La Dame aux Camelias, from which Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi would develop his famous opera, La Traviata. Because of the success of both writers, the father would be known as Alexandre Dumas pere, and the son as Alexandre Dumas fils.
Dumas did a great deal of collaborating in order to develop his work. The Count of Monte Cristo, and The Three Musketeers were developed by Auguste Maquet who would create the plot and the characters after which Dumas would add in the details and dialogue. This collaboration would create speculation about the extent to which Dumas contributed, however “ninety-nine surviving pages of Maquet’s manuscript outline for The Three Musketeers reveal that he not only supplied significant and ...
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Alexandre Dumas wrote a lesser known novel entitled Georges that was a work that addressed racial issues in an age where those issues were extremely volatile in France. The issue, however, was personal to Dumas because of his own heritage. While this book exhibits the classic…
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