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Muslims in America and the difficulties they may face today

Colin Powell in a recent interview with Meet the Press disclosed the fact that Barack Obama is not a Muslim as is perceived by a number of Americans. The interviewer was insistent that since Obama is a Muslim, he must not be voted for. Powell came out clean and told all and sundry that he is a devout Christian and even if he was a Muslim in the first place, no one took away the right from him to become the President of the super power nation of the world. The discrimination angle should be avoided as is outlined by the interview given by Colin Powell, the former US Secretary of State. (Sweet, 2008)
This is an interesting discussion nonetheless. Since the Muslims have suffered immensely on this terrorism debate, nobody seems to be ready to have the followers of Islam as the leader of their great nation. The 9/11 saga, the post-9/11 situation, the War on Iraq and the related events manifest the basis of hatred that the American Muslims face at the hands of the natives. (Pipes, 2001) Thus the difficulties for these Muslims become manifolds and they do not have a clue as to why this is happening over their heads.
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Muslims within America have suffered on the terrorism count. Nearly every American Muslim is perceived to be a threat for the peace and serenity of the country. This is largely based on people’s perceptions that are more or less torn due to a host of reasons. …
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