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Letter of Intent

At the age of 11, I moved to the new world and it was in America that I fully experienced the problems of adjusting and integrating into a new culture. From the language spoken on the streets to the manner in which the schools functioned, everything was different and everything was new.
I feel that I could have simply faded out and been overwhelmed with pressure had it not been for the kind teachers and other professionals who were willing to help. I remember one teacher in particular who clarified to me both cultural and educational differences and spent hours of her time engaged with me after work. I recall that even knowing the different currency values was an enlightening step for me. Even understanding the various mathematical conventions became a revelation for me since it allowed me to perform better at school. The dedication of these teachers put me in a position that today I wish to be a teacher myself and help those who may need assistance from my side in any way I could provide it.
This is the root of my intent since I clearly remember the hard work, effort and persistence of individuals such as her. My life experiences were changed completely due to the care shown by my teachers and I hope to carry on the same process. I particularly want to focus on Low-income communities since they may have many children who desperately need help I am sure that I can make a positive difference in their life by sharing my experiences with them and teaching them. I also believe that without the presence of organizations such as the corps, many such children could easily be lost in the system.
To conclude, my personal aim in working for the corps is completely inline with the agenda of the corps to provide all possible support to the children who are growing up in low income communities. I have no qualms in saying that my aim certainly stems from my own experiences and the difficulties I faced in coming to accept a ...
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I have always believed that even when we are weak; we can find strength within ourselves to help those who need it. This should not be done with a smug…
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