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The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring

He was not alone in his undertaking. A hero archetype always has supernatural help and Frodo got his from the Gandalf who helped keep him safe during his journey; he also had supernatural help from Elrond who healed him after he got stabbed by a Ringwraith. He proved himself a worthy hero many times during his journey, by surviving the stabbing from the Ringwraith, by surviving being skewered by the troll in the caves of Moria, and by resisting the growing influence of the ring. He could have chosen to take the ring for himself and give up destroying it all together, but he did not. He could have delivered the ring to Sauron so that he could relieve himself of the enormous burden and responsibility of being ring bearer, but he did not. He chose to trudge on through dangerous forests, rugged mountains, deep dark caves, while evading and surviving attacks from orcs, trolls, the Urukhai, goblins, Ringwraiths, and other villains sent by Sauron and Saruman. A hero archetype usually suffers an unhealable wound. Frodo suffered such wound in the hands of a Ringwraith. As Elrond later said to Gandalf, Frodo’s wound would never really heal. And beyond the wound that he suffered, the trauma and the burden of his perilous journey will stay with him for years to come.
Frodo’s experiences are universal to mankind because they portray very real and very human struggles. Beyond the wizards, the elves, the orcs, the goblins, and other mythological characters in the movie, is our personal struggle between good and evil. We constantly face moral and ethical dilemmas in our lives, and there is no real need to go through cataclysmic events in order to overcome these dilemmas. Frodo’s need to destroy the ring can relate to humanity’s struggle to destroy evil. This struggle is often seen in our wars, our fight against terrorism and tyranny, our battles with power-grabbing and scheming ...
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A hero archetype usually leaves his home and family and lives somewhere else. In the case of Frodo, he left his home in order to accomplish a dangerous undertaking – that is…
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