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The Jewish state in Palestine

As it stands today, in my opinion, there will not be a peaceful solution to this issue.
The Balfour Declaration created in 1917 stated that Britain, which at the time ruled Palestine, was in favor of creating a Jewish homeland. The term “Palestinian” is a misnomer. The land of Palestine was under the rule of foreign power since Biblical times. The Arabs living in Palestine never had a ruling government. Britain and the UN, after World War II, set aside part of Palestine to create the new State of Israel. Another misconception is Jewish families came and threw Arab families off their land. The Jewish immigration since Herzl’s time had Jews coming to Palestine and buying land from local Arabs.
After the Israel declared their independence, Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordon, and Lebanon immediately attacked the new nation. The newly formed IDF (Israel Defense Forces) beat back the attacking forces and after a year won what is today Israel, excluding the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Golan Heights. The Six Day War and Yom Kippur War gave Israel the Sinai, Gaza Strip, West Bank, and Gaza Strip. Through negotiations the Sinai was returned to Egypt. The others are known as the Occupied Territories.
When Israel formed their government, Jewish interests were placed first. The Holocaust had brought the cry “Never Again” to the lips of every Israel. The Arabs or “Palestinians” felt ostracized in their own country. The new language was Hebrew first, then Arab, and the English. Jews from all over the world flooded the tiny country, which is no bigger than New Jersey. The refugees of the wars, instead of leaving for an Arab country, were placed in refugees camps. Refugee camps in the Occupied Territory are cramped apartments where hunger and poverty run wild.
The Palestinians started fighting against Israel through terror attacks on civilian targets. The Mahlot School ...
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The animosity between the two cultures has festered over the years. The current conflict has been rooted in the fact Israel became a state in 1948. Following the creation of the…
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