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Essay example - Marketing Case Problem Solving

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This will help to boost its sales. The channel to be used by the industry for its communication should be personal and not non personal. The reason is that communication through personal…

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The target market for aggressive campaigning should be the garage owners or dealers who are not mechanics; initially they should be educated about the product, since they are not aware about the use of the product.
d. The competitors of Duncan industries were using combination of wholesalers and company salesperson. They also used price strategy to boost their sales. Duncan industries can also work on those lines and develop a good strategy so that its price is also very competitive and also try to use a combination of wholesalers and sales personnel to increase its sales.
The industry can carry out a SWOT analysis and hence get solutions to its different current problems. The SWOT analysis will provide a solid base as a springboard to categorize succeeding actions in the marketing plan.
According to Kotler and Armstrong (2006), product position or distribution as a “set of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product available for use or consumption by consumers”. Place strategy has to make use of efficient distribution of products within the marketing channels like the wholesalers or retailers.
The industry can look for expanding its business in the European markets. But to carry out this it has to look for a joint venture of a good company which has a brand name and is famous too. If the Duncan industry tries to enter the European market on its own then it will have to face a lot of problems. First and foremost it has to appoint staff who would study the market for hoists in the European market and then report its findings. This will take a lot of time. So the best method for Duncan industry would be to enter into a joint venture and carry out its operations. This way it need not look for appointing staff, which again is a savings in its expenditure.
The Duncan industry can also consider expansion of its U.S. market by winning over the wholesaler that deals with the ...
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