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Service Marketing Take Home Exam - Essay Example

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These tenets have largely assisted me in understanding how to differentiate a service from a product and hence the basis of comprehension is made…

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Service Marketing Take Home Exam

My educational experience has therefore been benefited by these unique characteristics as I have gained a realization of the solitary strengths that remain within the midst of service marketing. I am sure that this will make me realize even more differentiating features in the coming times.
Service firms need to have a clear cut direction as to what exactly they want to achieve since services keep on changing with the advent of time. Further, these service firms must realize that they need to give something extra and not just focus on the provision of service alone. The customers look up to these service firms for quality and hence value addition is indeed the order of the day. Moreover these service firms must ensure that they meet the needs of the time and have a very significant niche within the competition that becomes fast every now and then. Lastly, in order to achieve success across the service domains, it is very important that the service firms make use of products from time to time so that an element of tangibility remains with the customers of the service. This is important as the changing times will witness added features for the sake of service firms.
Services are usually appreciated by people because these are more personal in nature and hence suit the needs of the people. The element of person-centric forms the basis of their liking and disliking in the long run. Thus it would be correct to state that services are usually dependent on the people in a number of different ways, all of which lead towards brand loyalty and associations. Another reason is that the service domains change over a period of time and usually the element of improvement forms the cornerstone of any service, which indeed is a plus point when spoken about the brand loyalty aspects of service firms. The last reason is that services tend to change on the basis of consumers’ moods, ...
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