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Silence of the Lambs

He sees himself as a genius surrounded by idiots. Since Hannibal is a criminal psychologist, every profile and police technique used against him would be known to Hannibal. Thus he would treat the police with contempt.
Since Hannibal was not born in America, the chances of him returning to Europe would be high. The FBI should work with INTERPOL. His European background makes Hannibal associate with more refined set of acquaintances. The first place to look for Hannibal would be in high society Europe. He would not be around royalty due to security, but people with money. His acquaintances would be intelligent. Hannibal would find average people boring.
The final aspect of Hannibal’s profile would be his cannibalistic manners. Any hint of a body missing parts would need to be checked out, whether a natural or unnatural death. Different offenders commit different acts. Hannibal’s crimes would carry traits that could only be attributed to him.
2. Develop a detailed profile on Buffalo Bill. a. Consider that your profile will assist law enforcement in apprehending Buffalo Bill. (Less is known about Buffalo Bill since the police did not have his identity at first.)
Buffalo Bill would be a white male. I would agree that the butterfly/moth would be a sign of transformation. Based on this, Bill would probably a pre op transsexual. If that is correct, he would be twenty-five to thirty-five. Any older, Bill would have had his operation. Any younger, Bill might still be confused about his gender. Bill would not have had his sex change completed, because he would fail the psychological test needed for this type of surgery.
Bill’s motivation would be domination of women. Since he only hunted women, Bill must have had ill will towards women. The lack of sexual abuse, once again shows his lack of interest in women sexually. The women he chose were women like his first victim a size fourteen. If Bill wanted more skin, then he ...Show more


He likes to play psychological games, not only with the police, but his victims as well. Domination and manipulation drive his cannibalistic crimes. Normally cannibalistic killers want to keep their victims with them forever. Eating them is an…
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