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Social Organized Crime Perspective Paper

These criminals socialize their group members in their own criminal way to engage them in unlawful activities for earning money. (Taylor, 2005)
The type of social organization depends upon the social context. In the context of organized crime it may be a cohesive and highly centralized group of individuals perusing a common role of a single or a composite crime. They are socialized within a group about their roles and co-ordination process for committing the particular crime. Such organized groups engage in offenses such as robbery, fraud, kidnapping and gambling for money. They are allotted different hierarchical ranks with different responsibilities. Their duties include the coordinated tricks among sub-groups in their group area with a pledge to keep full secrecy. They are even socialized and trained to use the violence against law enforcement agencies, opponent associations and informers etc. When criminal organization is detected by police, it is obvious that an individual belonging to that particular organization will be punished and not that he/she committed the crime individually. (Cressey, 1992)
Nowadays Online organized crime is also being practiced in which the criminals obtain money by threat from the people who use internet for E-commerce. E-commerce was started with the hope that a gap between small and large business would be filled, but due to organized crime the hope is lost. The organized crime on internet cannot be traced down easily because the police and other law enforcement agencies perform their duties within the boundaries of their own countries. The criminal organizations perform their criminal tasks across such boundaries without any fear of being caught or traced. Similarly another type of criminal organization is busy against humanity polluting the residential environment. Some people install the factories in prohibited areas by giving bribery to the concerned ...
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The families, educational institutions, religions or any people and groups that interact with each other in the society to fulfill some human needs are few examples of social…
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