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"The manufacture of cigarettes should be prohibited" (Argumentative essay) - Term Paper Example

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The slogan ‘Smoking is injurious to health’ is printed on every cigarette packets and the responsibility of the authorities or the government seems to be over by that. They are happy with warning the public against their smoking habits because of the health problems…

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"The manufacture of cigarettes should be prohibited" (Argumentative essay)

The intention of the tobacco ads, spending millions of dollars by the tobacco manufacturers, is to persuade non-smokers to smoke.
“Awareness of and involvement with tobacco marketing were both significantly associated with being a smoker: for example, 30% (55/185) of smokers had received free gifts through coupons in cigarette packs, compared with 11% (21/199) of non-smokers (P<0.001)” (MacFadyen et al, 2001) Tobacco companies are using every possible mean to attract both the smokers and the nonsmokers towards their products, like offering gifts, complements and other rewards to boost their sales. Moreover, most of the tobacco ads are displayed with the help of socially accepted celebrities which forces the non-smokers to think that there is no harm is using tobacco related products. This paper briefly analyses the validity, reliability and sincerity of the governments in prohibiting the tobacco products or controlling the smoking habits.
“Couples develop routines and patterns of how they relate to each other. This involves all sorts of activities including smoking. This is true whether only one person smokes or both do” (Relationships and Smoking). Smoking can definitely affect the family and social relationships. In family it can affect the relationship between the husband and wife and the parents and the children. If the smoker’s wife doesn’t like smoking, then definitely their marital relationships can be adversely affected. If the smell of the tobacco products may not liked by either of the couples, their sexual life also might be ruined. The much needed cooperation may lag in such couple’s sexual life which may lead towards more other complexities in their life. On the other hand if both husband and wife are smokers, then their relationship may not be affected much because of smoking.
At the same time if the parents are smokers, the children may have the motivation to ...
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