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Magizines articals from March 1945 to Jan 1946 before and after Additudes towards the war and Japan. - Essay Example

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Magizines articals from March 1945 to Jan 1946 before and after Additudes towards the war and Japan.

Some would even say there was a moral collapse.(Brigance, 1945).
“Get no divorce, break no engagement until after the period of numbness wears off” (Brigance, 1945). Prior to the War men were the bread winners, no on e coddled them for sure. They ran the farms with their wives at their sides and they were responsible for feeding and clothing their children. Women ran the homes and managed the children while Dad worked. Suddenly the War is over and men have come home unable or unwilling to work and women have had their first taste of supporting themselves. The average wife, child, parent, and neighbor did not understand, how could they understand what happened on those beaches?
Prior to the war, there were many Japanese citizens in the United States. In fact, many of the farms and ranches, as well as businesses in California and New York were owned and run by them. Just before the war, a hate was built up against the Japanese and Germans. This hate only increased during the war. When a public learns to hate and then the object of their hate is gone (the war ends), often their hate is transferred to another object. In the case of the United States, it was transferred to the Blackman (then called Negro). There were more lynchings in the South in the United States than ever before. The second group of people that received that hate were the Jews. We did not like Hitler’s method of treating them but we saw them as always taking away American money because they were so cheap and able to manipulate American markets.
Thirdly, there were Catholics and Protestants to hate. We should get rid of them too and while we were at it there was England (we never did learn to like them) and Russians. The Russians who were just our allies would become a major target of this hate. (Brigance, 1945). Along with all of that hate, there was a recklessness that had not been seen before in this country.
During the war, ...
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It affected the known way of life in the United States and abroad. It affected an innocence that would never be replaced. There was an outcry of humanity like none ever seen before and the population began…
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