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304 Final

Over and above standards, the Lake Havasu Fire Department excels in most areas of testing for career advancement and in areas of personnel development.
Steve suggested that recruitment begins with job postings on well-known job search websites, through word-of-mouth advertising by current employees and through a city-sponsored job pool consisting of qualified applicants who completed preliminary testing. This preliminary testing is offered to community citizens who have undertaken the state-mandated fire training and are seeking a position within the unit. Validation of these credentials is part of the selection process by making contact with references or other certification grantors in this field of study. In this department, the recruitment process is extensive and involves screening of high volumes of candidates simply to select a single employee from the candidate pool.
In order to achieve promotion within the unit, especially to an administrative level, several tests must be completed which test abilities in spatial relations, management and leadership, clerical abilities, and other necessary job functions. Steve offered that these tests come from both the state level and from years of alterations which were built from benchmarking best practices of other firehouses across the country. This department is a regular subscriber to several magazines which describe internal organizational activities in modern fire departments and use some of the tips and suggestions to change testing procedures or structures.
In order to achieve promotion, success in areas of physical fitness must be proven. These tests are developed for preliminary job screening and selection as well as to ensure that weight and health are congruent with department or governmental expectations. Physical fitness is a large part of the weekly job responsibilities of the department workers ...
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An interview was conducted with a member of the firefighting staff at the Lake Havasu Fire Department who was acting in a temporary role as human resources director. A recent personnel shift had left this position open and the interviewed participant, who will be called Steve,…
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