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Essay example - Geography. Have the various types of aid helped Indonesia recover after the tsunami and what are the issues that still hinder sustainable developments?

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How much help did the various types of aid provide for Indonesia after the Tsunami? Did the Tsunami cause major problems for Indonesia or help it to reach sustainable development. We will be focusing on…

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This is mainly because countries who give bilateral aid want to get something in return for their help in the long-run. Additionally, in order to give the reader a clearer and better understanding of the various types of aid Indonesia has received from countries and organisations such as Germany or the World Bank. Included are Case Studies such as a Case Study from a chemical firm called BASF. The allocation of funds in each sector can be clearly identified through a table. It can record the data of how much each country donated; the cooperativeness between countries can clearly be deduced.
While causing great damage to the country and its infrastructure, it can be argued, from an economic point of view, of course, that the tsunami also had some positive effects on the development of Indonesia because through the various types of aid whether it is financial aid or aid donated for their education. Indonesia has a better perspective of becoming sustainably developed now that the catastrophe occurred. Being that the aid could be put to good use for making the environment a better place to live. Later in the essay there will be highlights on the economic point of view.
This extended essay deals with the Tsunami that happened in December 24, 2004 and affected the whole South Asian Region with destruction and misery. The essay focuses on Indonesia’s recovery from this natural disaster. After reading the essay, these questions can be answered: Have the various types of aid helped Indonesia recover after the tsunami and did the Tsunami cause major problems for Indonesia or help it to reach sustainable development? In this context, primarily the ‘industrial countries’ would be the main focus.
The tsunami catastrophe happened on December 26, 2004, and can be regarded as one of the most devastating and deadliest natural events in world history. The recorded casualties were ...
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