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The objective of the assignment is to answer a series of questions regarding the ATM machine. Herein, the questions and answers and opportunities for improvement are listed.
The first question asks how…


You would most likely get a message that your daily limit had been exceeded. You would most likely have to wait until 24 hours had passed to withdraw money.
The fourth question asks how the information is used. The name is used to verify identity, the 16-digit card number is used to access the account, and the three-digit code is sometimes used for further verification.
The fifth question asks what happens when the wrong card number is used. If the wrong card number is used, the transaction is canceled. If it is the wrong pin number, the machine will ask you to re-enter the pin number.
The sixth question asks why there are pauses between the steps of a transaction. This could be for a number of reasons. To name a few, the machine could be counting money or verifying information from the card. Pauses do not just happen with people at the realm.
The seventh question asks how long the pauses are. They are usually a few seconds unless there is a problem such as the machine is having trouble accessing the account or verifying information. In that case, the card will likely be returned to the cardholder.
The eighth question asks what happens if you type ahead of the pauses. This could cause the machine to lock up or produce longer pauses. It certainly will not go any faster. It could even cause the machine to lock up, causing even further problems for the cardholder.
The ninth question asked what happens to the card in the machine. It is being read, analyzed, and verified to determine if there are enough funds to dispense as requested. If there are, money will be dispensed; if not the card will be returned to the cardholder.
The next question deals with asking two other people the same set of questions. The answers were very similar to mine, although these people did not seem to understand why the card stays in the machine and why there are pauses between ...
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