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MARKETING PLAN - Term Paper Example

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It sees itself serving the majority of the population by offering the most competitive prices, giving rewards to loyal customers and providing exciting promotional gimmicks that would be…

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These are individuals/ groups who wish to be in control of their spending, those who are budget conscious and are always in the lookout for good finds and bargains so they could maximize their budget. They will most likely shop in a supermarket that offers one of the lowest prices. They will be interested in a place that is haven for those who wish to stretch their budget.
Target market includes both men and women who are contributing to the earnings of the household. They are the decision makers who are in control of identifying which products to purchase for the daily needs of the house. Secondary target market are the children and younger ones who also have great influence in the purchasing decisions of their parents/ guardians.
Wal-mart will retail standard supermarkets, both dry and wet goods. It will carry a wide range of products, from beauty and health care, to kitchen items and food, and even garments and small appliances. It will also have a snack counter where shoppers could stop by while finishing their shopping. It will be offer a one-stop shopping convenience that will provide the customers with all the necessary items they usually shop for when visiting a supermarket.
Wal-mart will be a warehouse type of supermarket experience. It will have wide aisles, spacious shopping areas that best suit those who buy items in bulk. The store is designed to make shopping comfortable for its customers. Pricing will be competitive – the management will ensure that the store offers the lowest in the industry. The store will also offer loyalty programs for those who are frequent buyers. It will give additional discounts to members of this loyalty programs.
Wal-mart will do promotions through local television and radio advertisements. It will also place occasional advertisements in local newspapers on a regular basis. Wal-mart will also do below-the-line advertising via ad placements in billboards situated in key areas in the cities. ...
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