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Abortion & Divorce - Essay Example

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Hence if an abortion is performed at any stage between conception and birth, it is nothing but murder, and those guilty of such murder include the mother, the operating doctor, and the lawmakers of the country who do not enact laws to prohibit it. Secondly, several medical problems {like infertility, miscarriage and premature births} can surface due to abortions that will scar the future of women greatly. The medical problems aspect takes on terrifying dimensions when the possibility of developing breast cancer {recent medical research firmly links abortion to breast cancer} is added. Thirdly, there is no world religion that condones abortion and this is reflected in all religious books {including the Bible whose Tenth Commandment states: “Thou shall not kill”}.
Apart from the above 3 arguments, the two main pro-abortion stances have no solid foundation, namely, that it is a symbol of feminine liberty {a favorite feminist argument}, and that it saves women from the high cost and danger of travelling to other countries to undergo secret operations. Today, with the massive advancement of science and technology, a large number of birth control methods are available to women to choose from like abstinence during certain days of the month, sterilization, male and female condoms, diaphragms perhaps the most commonly used oral contraceptive – The Pill, which in its latest version can even be effectively taken 72 hours after sexual intercourse.
In conclusion, abortion, when viewed through the prisms of the most highly prized concepts of mankind {morality and religion}, besides having several other drawbacks as discussed above, cannot be pronounced as ‘good.’ The fact that many abortion cases in the U.S involve young, unmarried women clearly shows that legalized abortion is wrongly being used by the younger generation to indulge in promiscuous sex. The esteemed lawmakers of our nation should stop the rot by prohibiting abortion.
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Today, while most of the nations in the world do not permit abortion, some countries {like the U.S} permit it. The U.S has allowed it ever since the landmark Roe vs. Wade case…
Author : lrunolfsson
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