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Emirates Airline also known as Fly Emirates was established in 1985 as a major airline in the Middle East by the government of Dubai under the Emirates Group. This airline flies over to 91 destinations, in 55 countries across 6 continents. Moreover, it is providing its customers…

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Fly Emirates has won international awards such as, Global Airline of the Year and the Fastest Growing Airline in the world. In 2007, this airline was ranked tenth amongst the top carriers worldwide in terms of revenue and passenger kilometer. In 2009, it was ranked as seventh largest airline in international passengers carried and fourth largest in scheduled international passenger kilometers flown. Recently in 2009, research consultancy firm Skytrax selected it as the fifth best airline in the world.
Emirates provide quality service to its customers, flights are punctual, adequate and quality food is provided on boards and a lot of personalized services such as personal television and film library are complemented to the customers. Emirates Airline has also sponsored various events held in Dubai such as Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises, Dubai World Cup, Dubai Desert Classic and Dubai Tennis Championships.
There are four major types of information systems, i.e. executive support system, management support system, decision support system and transaction support system. These are designed to support all organizations in carrying out their daily operations effectively and efficiently. All these four information systems correspond to each organizational level; Transaction Support System (TSS) operates at the operational level. Operational level system is the lowest level where the operational managers keep a sound track of all the primary activities and transactions that occur within the organization. The operational manager has to track sales, receipts, cash deposits, payroll, and make credit decisions and manage the basic flow of activities (Laudon, 2007).
All these activities are carried out in a computerized system that performs and records the daily activities of the business. United Arab Emirates Airline might use this information system in booking ...
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