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The minimum level of difference that would happen in the intensity of the two stimuli that a person can detect half of the time is known as ‘Just Noticeable Difference’. In simple terms this is the minimal…


This is consumers’ subliminal perception.
In the second instance, the intensity of competition in the market has been changed. This can be noticeable but still it depends on the stimuli of the customers on how they would look at this. The loyal consumers of Tiptop may or may not notice the change but the other consumers are supposed to notice it more prominently. So Tiptop may have to introduce lesser price or product differentiation to survive the competition.
In the third instance, consumers are more knowledgeable regarding the nutritious ingredients labeling. This demands a strong change in the product specifications as the stimulus is going to be stronger in this case. Tiptop have to go by the proper labeling procedure of nutritious value in their breads. Increase in such ingredients can be a good way to attract the well-informed consumers.
A reference group is a group of people which can influence and motivate one individual in changing his or her attitude and behavior. The reference group can have two functions; normative and comparative. A normative function sets and imposes specific standards for an individual. A comparative function serves as a relative position against which an individual evaluates oneself and other people (Guzman, Montana & Sierra, n.d.).
For an instance, a school boy would like to buy study books to prepare for an examination. His choice would be influenced by his elders at home, his seniors in school or a bunch of students who have topped in that examination. The first two reference groups are functioning based on normative function and the later one is based on the comparative function.
A consumer may think that while buying some products online, he has to pay less as there is no distribution cost attached to the pricing. This belief would surely have a positive attitude towards his intention to shop online. The belief can be changed after visiting an online shopping site and the person may ...
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