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good dancer can go beyond the boundaries of physicality and soar into real freedoms of happiness, exhilaration, joy and sense of beauty without hurting anybody or at anyone’s expense.
Literally, the drama-play showed how people can end up hurting each other without any intent of doing so because of their limited viewpoints. This was what Master Harold was, a person who did not like dancing at all because he had not experienced it personally yet. Any person with closed mindset can hardly be expected to understand something not experienced. Although Sam tries to convince Hally (Master Harold) dancing is simply a physical pleasure that does no harm to anybody in particular, Hally is adamant in his views that dancing is just a complete waste of time, an exercise in futility and a mindless activity that serves no real or any redeeming purpose. This lack of a higher goal for dancing is what prevented Hally from ever appreciating the benefits of dancing. Figuratively, dancing as an activity is used in the play as a subtle form of protest against the implementation of apartheid as a national policy during that same year. The author and his characters emphasized all throughout that dancing is a good way for people to “escape into perfection and equality (Goellner & Murphy 125).
Many people see this play as a mild form of apology to all the blacks who suffered under the government’s official policy of racial segregation. As it was, apartheid was justified on the dubious and nebulous concept of “apartness” (separate or different) but its ill effects on millions of South Africans led to political and economic discrimination during its practice. The bad effects of apartheid likewise extended to the whites who practiced it because it had also affected them in so many ways they failed to acknowledge until only quite recently. As they say, a person who holds another person down is also held down by himself. Blacks and people of mixed race (colored persons) were denied ...Show more


This is the very essence of the refreshing contemporary drama entitled “Master Harold”…. and the Boys by playwright Athol Fugard. If we take into account the setting of play, South Africa in the height of its apartheid in 1950,…
Author : osinskigarret
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