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The Brain All You AreIs Here - Essay Example

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Through the use of fMRI, which is a non-invasive scan as compared to the X-ray, brain tumors are detected. It can also detect brain activities such as blood flow which is helpful recognizing brain activity according to the article. The article also suggests that the prefrontal cortex contains the sense of “self” in the young child. But as people mature, this “self” maybe located in different regions of the brain especially when higher order thinking skills are involved. Synapses also play a crucial role in brain development since they are points of contact during the exchanges of neurons firing to one another. These synapses grow or develop inside the brain of a fetus.
Long-term memories are believed to be stored in the hippocampus ( part of limbic system) which is not yet fully developed on a child. Likewise, the amygdala can also hold “highly emotional memories” ( The Mind,p.12). Interestingly a research made by the NIMH in Maryland reveals that is during puberty period that the brain experiences another round of growth. The basic functions as well as sensory processing usually develops first in the extreme back and front portions of the brain. Next to develop in the parietal lobes of the brain are language functions and spatial orientation. This is also the reason why curriculum in the educational system is attuned to the level of development of the brain. Students in lower levels cannot process higher thinking activities unless their brain is developed. Last to develop is the prefrontal cortex where most decision making are processed. This meant weighing alternatives , making short term plans or even checking one’s self on ethical conduct is involved. Indeed, such complex mental functions can only be given to mature individuals. This just attests to the fact that people’s brain gradually develop and mature through adulthood. Aside from experiencing development, certain ...Show more


The different readings assigned revealed significant findings about the functions of the brain, potential of the brain to develop as people gain experience, injuries and their effect on certain parts of the brain, as well the ”self” within the brain. The article titled…
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