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Sociology - Book Report/Review Example

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ited, but those who are paid less than what is necessary for even the survival are super-exploited.  Super-exploitation is synonymous to racism which requires ideological justification.  In other words, it means if you are going to colonize a group, you have to come up with reasoning.  The ideology of racism is, in fact based on that reasoning (Rosenthal, 2007). This concept of race was developed centuries back but the word racism did not catch fire until the 20th century.  Racism was developed to promote and justify enslavement, annihilation, and colonial conquest and it is still the base of the system of modern capitalism.
The war in Afghanistan and Iraq reflects the fatal racist core of the modern capitalist system.  The ruling class used the 9/11 attacks as a smokescreen to carry out imperialist oil wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The global war on terror is just a fancy name given to the super exploitation of these nations. The wars as they have been portrayed are not waged to spread democracy in the Middle East or fight against terrorism. The deserts of Iraq holds as much as 783 billion barrels of oil and any nation seeking to dominate the world would go after it (Behan, 2007). These wars have been conceived and planned for a long time and they are undertaken to control petroleum resources. They also paint a perfect picture of modern day capitalism.
Select a sub-culture (preferably one you have had experience with) and describe example of ethnocentrism within the group; then use the relativist approach to give a more objective assessment of the values and practices of this group. 
America has been regarded as the most ethnocentric nation with only 3 percent of people going abroad to study (Bezvushko, 2006). The biggest case of ethnocentrism that America has experienced in the past is the time of the second civil war. Ethnocentrism is the only major factor that has come between the white and black habitants of America for centuries. The existence of ...Show more


His theory known as ‘The labor theory of value’ unveils the secret of generating capitalist profits by paying the worker class less than value of what they produce and consequently…
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Sociology: Immigration
The opposing view, however, focuses on the notion that America was formed by a group of ‘immigrants’ and that immigration is the very foundation of what constitutes being an American. For those who adhere to the notion that immigration is the center of our society, the question then comes, when did it change?
5 pages (1250 words) Book Report/Review
Sociology of Religion
America began its quest for religious tolerance when immigrants from Europe and other countries began to flock to the country after World War I. In this predominantly Protestant country, people who did not belong to the same faith suddenly flooded the communities and left Americans afraid and unable to deal with the sudden surge of varying religions.
4 pages (1000 words) Book Report/Review
Theory of sociology
This particular theory can also be related with various ways through which people in a society share common ideas and opinions (Budrys 1-70). The aspects of functionalist theory can be noticed in Chapter 1 of the book titled ‘Dishonoring the Dead’. This chapter the author Jonathan Kozol largely focuses on the aspects that seem to have a strong relationship in matters pertaining to segregation in urban schooling system.
3 pages (750 words) Book Report/Review
Sociology and Modernity
He presented nine epochs of history which provided a naturalistic vision of societal evolution. His tenth epoch of the future stated that inequality between classes and societies will be eliminated. He then reasoned that this will result in the improvement of the intelligence, individual morality, and physical well-being.
6 pages (1500 words) Book Report/Review
Contemporary Sociology
Despite the critique of objective normativity, Habermas's program does not neatly fit into the postmodern relativism of his Continental counterparts such as Foucault and Derrida. Habermas's concept of communicative rationality established a theoretical stance from which to analyze the epistemological structures of society and individuals that appreciated and was sensitive to the contextualized and historicized nature of reason and rationality without giving in totally to the sort of radical relativism that his intellectual contemporaries are usually accused of.
12 pages (3000 words) Book Report/Review
Sociology Durkheim on Suicide
Even nowadays the causal factors of suicide are not absolutely clear: it remains a complex phenomenon with no single cause being addressed as the major. Many factors both individual and social have been demonstrated to have certain correlation with self-destructive behaviour but up to now there is no clarity among the researchers about what factor can be addressed as the key determinant of suicidal behaviour.
4 pages (1000 words) Book Report/Review
Marx saw history as an unfolding process of growth and development in which one form of political economy gave way to another. Thus in ancient times, there was slave-based economy. Then there was feudal serfdom. Thereafter
4 pages (1000 words) Book Report/Review
Sociology blog
The characteristics range from a person’s sex to his roles and social identity. Discrimination based on race and ethnicity is not an acceptable way of appointing
1 pages (250 words) Book Report/Review
Sociology blog
It gives a greater understanding of world population and factors affecting it. During this lesson, we were introduced to demography as a study of population. In addition, we also talked about the patterns of the world population growth. This is under various phases
1 pages (250 words) Book Report/Review
Sociology: Dyadic Cartwheel Network
The circles of social connections look like a sequence of cartwheels linked together via their middle nodes-a procedure consisting of numerous groupings of entrepreneurs, each one playing their role to push their patrons forward.
3 pages (750 words) Book Report/Review
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