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Process and Project Systems

ome, visiting some bank, airport, railway station, bakery or a shopping mall, a school, college or a university, you will find the application of this very important machine every where. Now, with the advancement of science and technology, super computers have been developed which is the most advanced type of computers till now. Super computers carry out highly sensitive tasks such as in aeronautical laboratories, or space stations etc.
This is a simulated project for the construction of Centre for Technology in Government (CTG) which has the area around 250,000 square feet. It is actually a facility that is exclusively designed to place world class super computers and nuclear weapon design staff. Since working on nuclear weapons is a highly a sensitive task, equally sensitive is the case with the construction of this CTG. This place is aimed to further the previous developments carried out in this field but in a safe and secure environment with professionalism. Since it is a large project that has to cater for the country’s current as well as the future needs, it is highly desirable that its construction should be done after pondering upon various aspects and their proper integration or link should be developed. from the point of view of a constructor, by integration I mean that there should be a thorough understanding of the previous needs as well as the prediction of the needs in the times to come i.e. future; as it is a very costly project, the building should be constructed in a way that it remains workable in future, for example, if currently we need 10 super computers, the building should be designed to house 30 computers, no matter currently the space for 20 computers will be practically unused. This type of planning is necessary because at that time when 30 computers will be needed, there will be enough space to house them. On the contrary if it does not happen i.e. no space is left for future needs, then certainly a new CTG will be constructed; it will ...
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To provide a facility that would meet country’s requirement with in the field of nuclear technology in current time as well as in the future after making certain modifications for which there is a specific flexible space
b) Produce a new map of the process drawing upon the…
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