MGT501 - Management and Organizational Behavior Mod 3 Case Assignment

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There have been many methods that were supposed to be the best over the years, including TQM. However, it has been noted most recently that it is not a lack of knowing; it is a lack of…


The learning organization, according to Skyrme, (2010), is an organization that has in place systems and mechanisms as well as processes that enhance the capabilities of the organization and at the same time achieve the organizations objectives. They have noted that the important pieces of that system are that it is adaptive to the environment in which it is used, it continually enhances the capability of the organization to change and adapt, it develops a collective as well as individual learning base, and it uses the results of learning to achieve better results. In other words, it manages to pull together all the talents and knowledge throughout the organization, making it available for use in improving the corporation instead of going out of the organization to look for something that is already there. It is easy to see why this would be compared to a brain. As each synapse in the brain fires, it triggers another synapse, very much like this kind of knowledge or learning organization might do.
Social networking itself, works a lot like the different parts of the brain. Some things are controlled by the left hemisphere and some are controlled by the right. There is the Pons and medulla and hind and forebrain, all have different functions that they control, but in each case, that information is readily available for the others to use when needed. It occurs very much the same way in a corporation. For example, in a hospital, the nurses function as a pod, the physicians another, the casemanagers and social workers another. Within each of those pods, specialized activities occur but when the other needs some of that specialized activity to make their part of the organization work better, it is available.
Social media is an outgrowth of the need to communicate. There are actually many large corporations using social networking to improve their business. This kind of ...
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