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Research Paper example - event Leadership

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The events industry is a growing industry which requires individuals to arrange events ranging from birthday parties to political fund raising and corporate conferences. It takes special talent and skills for producing a special event from start to finish. The cycle includes but…

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The role of the event producer is a major one and usually inter-links with the event manager. In an event management company the role of the event producer is a representative who is the lead producer of the event who evaluates the supplies, vendors, number of staffs and subcontractors who will work on the event. Together they become the production team (Matthews 2007).
Event manager: The event manager has an overlapping role of administration, coordination, marketing, and managing legal, risks or ethical issues. The event manager either supports or is the same as the event producer. He has similar responsibilities in the production of the special event depending on the width and breadth of the event (Goldblatt 2004).
Administrating contractor: This is the person or organization responsible for recruiting the staffs necessary for carrying out the tasks during the event. The event producer sometimes take on the task of hiring, training, and firing of personnel involved in the team but is not directly responsible for contracting them. The event producer pays for them and even provides the technical expertise to effectively coordinate the activities but the staffs remain under the supervision of the contractor.
Directors: These individuals are those who are the stakeholders such as the financiers, organizations, individuals or officials who are paying for the event. They usually have direct influence over the flow of the event, its successful production and its completion. They are in essence the "boss".
Legal representatives: Sometimes the nature of the event requires intervention from public organizations which are external to the event such as the government, police department, fire brigade department and officials. To ensure that the event complies with local policies and procedures, state, provincial or federal laws, legal representatives may be recruited to guide the event producer in this arena (Goldblatt ...
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