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Visual Argument

At the backdrop Coca Cola asked us to use it frequently whereas at the front there are some empty vessels near a bore well. The picture clearly communicates us the underwater exploitation of Coca cola and the subsequent drinking water shortage to the ordinary people. “As the Coca-Cola Company remains the largest beverage company in the world, it uses 283 billion liters of water annually, according to the company’s 2004 reports” (Ahuja). Considering the huge number of people who struggle to find enough drinking water, such an exploitation of ground water is disastrous according to the picture given above. Coke is exploiting the natural and free drinking water available to all for making huge profits. In other words the above picture reminds us that Coke is making money by exploiting the natures’ gift to all.
The above picture also reminds us that when people struggle to get drinking water, Coke asking the people to drink Coke and that also by exploiting the natural resources. Coke is mocking the people through this advertisement. When people struggling to get drinking water because of the exploitation of the ground water by Coke, the above advertisement seems to be an intrusion into the dignity of the people.
The above picture and its ingredients are logically arranged. An ordinary person, travelling on a bicycle is watching both the Coke’s advertisement and the empty vessels near a bore well. Coke is asking him to purchase coke which is made from underwater resources which is belonging to him also. In other words, Coke is trying to sell him a product made out of his own property.
A picture, especially an advertisement picture can convey lot of messages to the viewers. The logical arrangement of the items may persuade the viewers to think deeply about the problem portrayed in the ...
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Each picture may have ethos, pathos and logos. Ethos is all about how well or logically a picture can communicate the message to its viewers whereas pathos is the conscious effort of exploiting the…
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