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international sustainable business

Over the years IBM is trying to make its products and services environmentally friendly.
According to a report published by the Ceres investor Coalition in December 2008, IBM was ranked the top company for climate change strategy and practices among all major technology companies. IBM’s super computers were also ranked the most high speed and energy efficient in November 2008. Apart from these rankings, there are many other recognitions and awards given to IBM for being a true Green company.
In 2009, IBM launched its “Ready for Energy and Environment” validation program for business partners. In this program, they had set criteria for business partners to make eco-friendly products. Only those partners who qualified the criteria partnered with them.
IBM provides a Global Asset Recovery Service (GARS). It helps the consumers to easily dispose off unwanted technology. By this service, the waste does not pollute the environment. IBM has been reusing, remarketing and recycling computers for quite a long time now.
IBM helps organizations to create a ‘green’ IT infrastructure by offering different products and services. IBM virtualization, Active Energy manager, IBM System z mainframe servers, IBM system x servers, and IBM Power systems are some of the products and services that it provides in order to improve power efficiency.
IBM is no doubt the leading manufacturers of computing industry. But there are many other famous brands offering technology and computing services. Among the close competitors that IBM has, Hewlett Packard (HP) is one of the giants of technology.
In the scenario of Green computing, HP is more advanced than IBM. According to, HP is ranked among the top 10 green giants- the only computer’s company in the list. HP has massive e-waste recycling plants, and it is trying to cut energy consumption more and more. HP’s own machines are 100 percent recyclable. They have various products that are ...
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It is a multinational company, with its headquarters in New York, United States. It manufactures computer hardware and software, provides consulting services, infrastructure services, and hosting…
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