child abuse thesis

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Even though the physical injuries may or may not be visible. The abuse can have consequences for children, families, and society that can last for lifetimes and even generations. Previous…


There seems to be no findings as to what the abuse at the age of 4 or 5 years has on that same child when they become an adult. Therefore, the purpose of the proposed study is to understand how much adults can remember about the abuse they sustained during their childhood. This research will allow determining if adults carry their abused childhood with them. A sample of male participants as well as the female participants ranging from the ages of 25-30 will be included in the proposed research part. The survey method will provide an opportunity to prepare a questionnaire that would assist in finding answers of specific questions. Findings from this research will help clarifying the misconception that early abuse has minimal impact on long term outcomes. This would be an important contribution to the existing literature and would enhance social change initiatives through understanding what adults remember as an abused child and how it affects them as being adults. This will also help in understanding their current actions and intentions of life. Being able to make life a little easier for adults who have been abused through counseling is not only good for the adults but also good for society as a whole.
This paper involves discussion and research to find out if the victims of child-abuse remember their cases when they turn older and if it really impacts their behaviors and life in various ways. This paper involves two phases with the help of which, things might get quite clear to understand. The very first phase is the literature review that is the backbone of proposed dissertation. In this part of the paper, academic evidences including term papers, articles, reviews and studies of other researchers are shared and referred to clarify the topic in the best possible way. Considering the ongoing crimes practices of such sort, it is very ...
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