What were the World War 2 goals of the United States and its allies, and how were they achieved in battle and in wartime conferences?

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The war was triggered by the ambitious expansion plans of Germany, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler and its allies in the form…


But in order to do this, the United States had to join hands with the Soviet Union (under Joseph Stalin), despite ideological differences between the two nations. Great Britain was the third member of this coalition, which is referred to as Allied Powers.
The ultimate defeat of Germany was achieved by a concerted attack on two fronts. On the Eastern front, Soviet Union forced German troops to retreat further toward Berlin, while on the Western front American troops stormed onto the shores of Normandy in France despite heavy resistance. But prior to this strategic military operation, the three leaders of the respective nations, namely Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin met in a conference to chart out their combined strategy. So the eventual success of the United States in World War Two should be attributed to strategic diplomatic and military moves on its ...
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