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case study

Josephine and Connor are the parents of 18 month old boy named Taj. They were planning day care centre assistance for his development. They were concerned about his speech as he is not perfect in delivering up proper sentences. They are curious to know is this normal in all kids of this age or do their child having a problem. Sometime, it happens that parent’s don’t understand what their child exactly wants and they fail in understating his requirements/actions and sentences then it frustrates their child and he becomes stubborn. They are worried that if they use day care service then people will consider them bad parents who couldn’t control their child. Both were depressed due to their child behavior and are scared to have a day care service for their child. They are assuming that when their baby having issues at home then he will face issues at day care center as well.
Sometimes, it happen that parent gets fail to understand a child’s actions/ sentences and this makes a child stubborn and frustrated. It’s a common issue with almost all kids that in early stages, they can’t deliver proper sentences and can’t elaborate their feelings. A child needs special care and attention in his childhood; parents need patience and love to understand his feelings in his childhood. In the above case, there are two issues related to child’s development.
According to Jean Piaget, such issues can get solved by understanding child’s mental status and nature. As in childhood, children are neutral and they just do what they see. Such issues can be handled easily if parents deal them with patience and care. Understanding child’s mental approach helps a lot in understanding his actions. His insight plays a role of maturation (growing up gradually) in childrens rising capacity to explore their world: they cannot perform certain tasks until they become psychologically strong enough to do so. His work has spawned a big deal more, a great extent ...
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At early stages, child is not mature to adopt things as they are suppose to. At early stages, he does what he understands by adopting other’s actions. The paper will highlight the issues of a young child and will shed…
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