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Importance of Software Quality and methods for assessment

Aimin & Wenxiang (2009) described that during the regular growth of computer applications, the software quality areas will directly affect the quality and scope of the application. Currently it seems that PCs cannot be effectively employed without planned and stable working software systems. Consequently, in some responsive industries where software programs need extreme quality of performance and effective working: the fields of concern can be astronautic industry like space science, aeronautical industry for instance air force, and national defense industry. Thus, it is quite necessary for both the developers and the users to check software quality. Since, the assessment of software quality leads software development teams to some important jobs including process evaluation of completed product, product evaluation with evaluation on the comparison of related functionality software. Presently, in the software engineering field, it is extremely complicated to proficiently evaluate the quality of the software to some extent. However, the field of software engineering has provided broad focus in Japan, U.S and Europe from the last few years. In addition, it is observed that numerous effective assessment methods including software quality method have been broadly used in different and complex fields like astronautic industry, aeronautical industry, engineering, communication, as well as bank credit industry where effective measures have been observed. Moreover, the forthcoming trend in the software quality development will definitely play a vital role in the progress of software industry (Aimin & Wenxiang, 2009; Sommerville, 2004; Bawane & Srikrishna, 2008; Sunazuka et al., 1985).
Bawane & Srikrishna (2008) described that the quality of software distinguishes all the attributes which are usually relying upon the quality of computer system such as maintenance, manageability, consistency and stability. From the ...
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We can definitely consider that the software quality assurance is one of the major research areas in the existing modern technologies. This paper…
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