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Assignment example - The Ed Sullivan Show

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He stated that “it is best approached not just as a singular action or policy but as any process ‘whereby restrictions are imposed upon the collection,…

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Some musicians did not take in seriously the value of censorship on national television. It could also be that some musicians are not really that conservative when it comes to the lyrics of the song as long as they are benefiting from it and they are giving the kind of entertainment the general public wants to have.
By doing what has been prohibited by the show, the band gain more popularity. They thought that being on the show was a big help to gain more exposure, the same exposure gained by the Beatles, the Stones and Elvis during their guesting on the show.
stated that there is a need to evaluate the context where the censorship happens and the general context where imposing such restriction is seen as acceptable as well as the particular context of the event. It is also important to evaluate the outcome of each censorship both for the censors and for the censored.
“The contested subjects are the same — sex, politics, and drugs/alcohol; and the adversaries are the same — a counter-cultural or subcultural audience against the repre­sentatives of the countrys dominant corporate order ...
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