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Difference between men and women in the workplace

(Wirth, N.D.). It is thus increasingly found that a handful of women tend to occupy the managerial positions on a global scale in comparison to men. In this context the paper makes an inference into the causes, which has led to the emergence of gender disparity in the managerial positions.
One of the key reasons behind the under representation of women at managerial positions of big corporations is the age factor. It is often seen that the women employees competing for managerial positions tend to be quite young which act as an obstacle in letting them occupy senior positions. The male managers quite old and experienced are found to have a steady access to such positions. It is seen in a global context that women tend to occupy a mere 20 percent of the total global workforce. It is also found that the gender gap widens proportionately to the increase in job responsibility. (Wirth, N.D.).
In recent times the society has developed itself from the past in letting women gain access to better education and in revision of social customs like early marriages promoting development of the women race. This in turn has made women capable of applying to managerial positions. Yet, women who become married find it much harder to reach the managerial pinnacle in spite of having the required capabilities. The reason behind such a pitfall is their need to address both the family and their career simultaneously. Need to rear their children coupled with other family needs act as an obstacle in the path of progress. (Wirth, N.D.).
In other cases, the organizations are constituted in a manner as to provide a male image to the senior positions of the company. To fulfill the above criteria the interview board takes conscious decisions to impart a picture of gender bias while selecting personnel for the senior post. (Broughton & Miller, March, 2009). ...
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Globally, the occupancy rate of women in managerial positions in large corporations is around one to three percent. A statistics show that in 1996 the percentage of…
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