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Essay example - Internet Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

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This study involves few questions that will be asked from the families over certain period of time. By the end of this study, several considerable results will be found. Its…

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Only few years back, one could find large numbers of online grocery stores within Florida. Having large numbers of families and elevated levels of Internet penetration, this part of US was considered to be the perfect region to offer this type of facility to the consumers. (Gralla, 2006) However, most of such Net grocers are no more existing and only little grocery sales are carried through this contemporary service. According to a research, merely 20 to 25 per cent of early online shoppers are still using this latest channel. Most of the online buyers of grocery have gone back to conventional grocery shopping. (McAulay, 2009) What exactly was not right? Why have customers rejected online grocery shopping? What features of online shopping pushed them back to conventional way of shopping? And what characteristics of conventional way of shopping attracted them back? These questions will be discussed while evaluating Internet Vulnerability and Penetration within consumers.
To answer above mentioned questions, 20 American families with children were chosen. They were asked regularly over the intervening period about their experience of shopping. Some anticipated findings of this piece of research are given below.
Internet penetration for shopping is anticipated to increase in the beginning. Time is a crucial reason for choosing internet for grocery shopping – which will prove to be an inadequate resource available for families with children. (Napier, 2005) Online buyers are usually fairly willing to pay little more for the offered facilities of picking and delivering groceries so that they can utilize their valuable time on activities that are more significant for them.
Most of the times, internet penetration for online shopping is due to its flexibility. Online buyers think they can buy anything anytime to suit their schedule, 24 hours a day. They do not have to wait for the shop to open or re-open when they have time to shop.
Online buyers usually ...
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