Frankenstein - Essay Example

The question that begs to be answered now—with multiple narrators telling the story and with each narration being integrated into another’s story—is which one is to be believed? Although the story remains the same when it comes to the main points of the story, only with varying emotions and perspectives, the credibility of the narrator is still in question as it leads to different feelings and judgments that the reader will make after reading the story.
In reading the story, I can see that each of the main narrators—Frankenstein, Walton and the Monster—presented some evidence to validate the truth of their stories. The Monster presented his own set of proofs to Frankenstein, letters between Felix and Safie, stating to Frankenstein: “Before I depart I will give them to you; they will prove the truth of my tale” (Wollstonecraft 146). However, it can be refuted that the Monster may have just found these letters somewhere and he just used them to tell a convincing tale of woe that will persuade Frankenstein to create a mate for him. Still, the fact that he has become so learned and eloquent in such a short time—as short a time as can be expected of a “newborn” creature to learn the language and skills the creature has acquired—may be construed as evidence enough of his tale. But then again, for a creature endowed with this innate intelligence, I believe it can also be said that he may have just fabricated everything and killed William with the cunning plan of making Frankenstein submit to his request in order to protect his other family members from the monster he has created.
To illustrate the Monster’s innate intelligence or cunning, when he began his story, he admitted the confusion he felt upon being born into the world; yet when he recounts the story of the first time he felt hunger and thirst, he immediately foraged for berries and drank the water from the brook, which raises the question of how he knew that berries are to be ...Show more


Mary Wollstonecraft’s novel, “Frankenstein,” presents a very interesting and captivating story of how ambition and success can produce tragedies that no man should ever live to see; and that is, the eradication of all that one holds dear in life. On the other hand, it also…
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