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Haiti Earthquakes

In essence, building codes should be reviewed to ensure safer and stronger buildings in the event of future hazards (U.S. Department of the Interior | U.S. Geological ...
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(d)Venezuela is located on the South America plate. (e) The Cocos Ridge is located between the Cocos plate and the Nazca plate (U.S. Department of the Interior | U.S. Geological Survey).
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We cannot completely reduce the material damage done by these natural calamities but the number of human lives that are lost during these disasters can be considerably reduced. We can also lessen the after effects of the calamity like the emotional trauma of loosing near and dear ones. A number of psychological disorders like post traumatic disorder which can hamper an individual's normal life can be vanquished. The poor people are worst victims of a natural calamity. Lot of resources time and money is spent in trying to rehabilitate the individual who have suffered from these calamities. As...
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They believed that the earth floats on the sea and whenever it is agitated, earthquakes are produced. And, the best story that portrays the damages caused by earthquakes is that of the people from Peru. They believe that earthquakes occur whenever their god visits the earth to count the number of people in it. As he does so, the people leave their houses in order to help him finish his work faster and keep themselves safe at the same time.
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There are also some degrees of distribution in the mid-South region, but the principal areas of high risk, which show up red on the map, tend to be located in the equivalent of the states of California, Oregon, and Washington (Science, 2010). These areas also appear to extend into the nation of Mexico.
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The damaged building was such a severe incident, the damages also included the infrastructure, such as electricity, roads, bridges, electrical and communication systems, and water systems. This left a lot of roads to and from the capital blocked. At the time of the incident, there were no communications as they were disrupted and thus no clear information regarding the incident would be obtained. There was the problem of transportation of relief food due to the damaged infrastructure.
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