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Essay example - Personality, Learning and Development: Working Environment

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In most cases, it is a process which is unique to each individual based on personality types, intellectual capacity, personal preferences, and similar…

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It shall then assess the continuing effectiveness of those methods against the backdrop of the changing nature of the work and the workplace. Finally, this paper shall conclude its discussion about the impact of the changing nature of work on learning processes. This paper is being conducted in the hope of securing a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of personality, learning and development in the work environment of adult learners.
The theories of adult learning include, among others, instrumental learning which covers cognitive, behavioural, and humanistic theories; self directed learning; and experiential learning (Amstutz, 1999, p. 22). Instrumental learning basically focuses on a person’s individual experiences. The behavioural and humanistic theories support a person’s autonomy in the learning process and eventually help to ensure the personal growth of the person. This theory emphasizes on self and on competition with liberal traditions using instrumental learning in the acquisition and development of logical perspectives (Merriam & Brockett, 1997, p. 33). In relation to instructional knowledge, behavioural learning is the foundation of competency-based learning and training programs. It is seen to eventually lead to standardization. Behavioural learning theories utilize the more dominant beliefs about knowledge; therefore the more cultural or local aspects of knowledge are not recognized as legitimate (Amstutz, 1999, p. 23). Humanism is a theory involved with the learner and his self-actualization. This theory views the learner as highly motivated and eager to learn.
There are however different issues in relation to instrumental learning theories. One issue is the fact that it is a theory which focuses on individual and psychological structures which are not in sync with group-oriented social processes (Barr & Birke, 1995, p. 119). Another ...
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