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architecture year 2 . Management, practice and law.

All the above features will be explained under “architecture and me”. Additionally, one’s position on sustainability and the potential value of one’s practice will be presented under “architecture and the world”.
The second section of the paper will investigate the proposition for a building. The unrealised, virtual subject will be critically analysed on the basis of energy consumption, pollution, and density issues, in order to assess the quality of the proposition.
Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to examine the kind of architect one wants to become, including appraising the principles of business management and law one would adopt to underscore one’s professional practice. Further, one’s position that would characterize future work with respect to sustainable architectural design will be explained. Secondly, Nakheel Tower, an unbuilt sky-scraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates will be critically analysed in relation to urban density, environmental pollution
One of the prime objectives in project delivery is sustainable construction which “minimizes impacts on the environment, generates minimal waste during the construction process and produces energy efficient, low maintenance buildings” (Elmualim, Czwakiel, Valle, Ludlow & Shah 2009: 94) with an emphasis on ecology and green designing of buildings. A complex and diverse concept encompassing a wide range of disciplines, sustainable development is defined as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Garland, Hadfield, Howarth and Middleton 2009: 1144). Due to a fragmentation of interests in the building processes, ambiguity regarding the definition of sustainable buildings and absence of easily recognizable business cases, there can be difficulty faced in creating sustainable buildings. For these reasons, the United Kingdom government has formulated relevant policies for ...
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The first section of the paper on architecture management, practice and law will make known one’s own professional skills through an academic portfolio of work. The focus will be on the principles of business management, the operation of a small business, the designing of…
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