Strategically addressing a hostile audience: advocation of the drug cocaine - Assignment Example


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Strategically addressing a hostile audience: advocation of the drug cocaine

Inoculation principle
I would then ask them about anyone who knows the people in their surroundings who are suffering from mental illness and depression effects and the inducement level of cocaine drugs in the society.
Argument from principle
If majority of the audience reply in the affirmative then it can be highlighted that cocaine drugs are affecting the society in reducing their depressions. I would ask them to think about future. The future generations have a high tendency of being affected by stress and depression, if they are able to control it with a slight use of cocaine drug content then what is the harm?
Create immediacy
I would ask them if they all feel that they should play an important role in working through the solutions for the aspects of drug commonality in the society. With this many would raise their hands and then give suggestions for allowing drug use under medical supervision in the society.
Pathos: Will you all work towards the cocaine drug use and take actions as soon as it is known that drugs are being used by someone? Society is your big family and you need to take care of all.
Ethos: Society is established and flourished by every one’s contribution and therefore we all need to join hands for this issue of cocaine drugs.
Logos: cocaine use gives temporary pleasure which is may be able to cure the disease at the starting stages related to health purposes. Also those who have mental fit diseases can use it for reducing their illness. ...
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In present paper "Strategically addressing a hostile audience" author brings on the speech about the advocation of the drug cocaine, its signs and its effect on the individual as well as on the society.
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