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It is, in fact, the definition of Human Resource Management (HRM) that it manages an organization’s personnel that happen to be its prime asset. In the past, personnel…

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All of these functions are performed by HR department. So, HR function has a cardinal role to play in the management of people within an organization.
First line managers in an organization have a direct interaction with the workers that practically work in the field. First line managers are assigned the responsibility to look after the needs of workers and manage them in the way that would keep the work flowing smoothly. They are directed to do so by the middle managers who are in turn, instructed by the top managers. First line managers make sure that there is sufficient material and equipment available on site, workers are adequately allotted their respective tasks, their productivity is up to the mark, they are dropped into and carried from the site without any inconvenience and are provided with food, leave passes and compensation. All of these and such other works are included under the umbrella term of “management”. As a first line manager looks after all these factors for the workers, he essentially plays a very important role in managing the people within an organization. Also, once the workers on-site are functioning properly, every department inside the office keeps functioning the way it should. This maintains peace in the work environment which further facilitates other managers to do their part of management. Management of the top managers only stays effective as long as things are functioning rightly on the lower and the lowest levels. This is what is taken care of by the first line managers. They look after the lowest side of the overall picture so that the progress remains consistent with the strategies of the top managers.
In any organization, the responsibility of ensuring adequate implementation of all HR policies and practices fundamentally rests with the Director of the HR department. The director is supposed to advise the managers regarding various matters of huge significance ...
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