communication theory

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Communication is essentially a means of meaningful exchange of ideas and opinions that gives rise to the development of mutual understanding between two or more individuals regarding a subject. Communication theory can be explained as a transactional paradigm (Mortensen, 2008,…


With clearer concepts and objective understanding of matters, people are in a better position to play their individualistic and collective roles in the development of a civilized society.
In most of the organizations in the contemporary age, communication with confidence and authority has become quite critical (Holmes, 2011). The organization in which I work is to much extent, a functional organization where different departments have well defined responsibilities, so people from different departments do not usually interact with one another. In addition to the organization having a functional organization structure, there were several other factors that have played their role in discouraging interaction among employees. Such factors included but were not limited to differences of gender, age and culture. Employees from different culture have had presumed conceptions about their coworkers from different cultures and would not change their conceptions in the organizational context. Also, employees from opposite genders would hesitate to communicate with one another. This was giving rise to interpersonal conflicts with various employees assuming irrational things about one another as a result of lack of communication until the new project manager brought about some drastic changes in the system of flow of communication within the organization. In fact these were the problems for which the chief executive had to hire a new project manager.
Soon after the project manager took charge of his responsibilities, he deigned task forces for accomplishing individual tasks. Each task force comprised a member from each of the departments. The task forces were strategically designed in such a way that would ensure representation of all cultures, ages and both genders in them. This brought people from different cultures, ages and genders close to one another and provided them with more frequent opportunities to interact with one another. Also, task forces ...
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