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However, it has always been proven to be true even at times when it is least expected to be expressed. ‘Honesty is such a lonely word’, so goes a line of an old song…


Honesty is one virtue that is indeed difficult to find these days, and even to one who looks up to such an admirable quality, this could be imperfect in him or her. Truthfulness does not always come easily especially in times of trouble when an individual is placed in a difficult situation where a very important thing one holds dear is in the midst of the truth. However, like any goodness, a person can always decide to discipline himself to stick to honesty no matter what the circumstance be and can bring.
A person’s integrity is affected largely by this one virtue and can make or break a person. One’s honesty is to his advantage while dishonesty destroys his future. The story of The Boy who Cried ‘Wolf!’ is one moral story which parents and teachers use to teach truthfulness to children which I believe is a great and vital step in the formation of a child’s character. It is important for honesty to be nailed to a person’s heart from childhood because when one grows old, this will somehow have a big impact in the decision making of a person.
As a growing child, I cherished people who simply told the truth disregarding their pride, and I have resolved since then to follow such track. The path I have trodden though did not always make a straight line and so many times I failed myself. However, there have been so many times when I was placed in uncertain situations and have to make a choice but the resolution I made when I was younger bothered my thoughts. Thus, similar circumstances afterwards were faced with a determination to tell the truth no matter what would be at stake. True enough, I have proven the wonderful clean feeling of being guilt free when one tells the truth. There were been times that what I expected to happen did not happen rather a twist of fate turned to my favor because I have chosen to be honest. Simple things like a stranger coming to me offering ...
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