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After studying the general aspects of the operations management of the hotel, a primary research was undertaken for analyzing the operations management in the kitchens of the hotel.
The operations…


This will increase the revenues from high margin sales of food.
The report studies the operations management of a prominent five star hotel. A general analysis of the operations management of the hotel has been undertaken. The report also throws light on the operations management in the kitchens of the hotel and the importance of quality.
Features like operations management in the kitchens, the rating of the restaurant by Michelin, the customer survey undertaken etc. were not given in the description provided. They have an important bearing on my analysis.
Operations management is as relevant in a service facility like a five-star hotel as they are in a manufacturing facility (Krajewski, L.J., and L.P. Ritzman , 1993 ). The operations management is informed by the strategy of the hotel and plays the most important role in strategic implementation.
Facility design: The operations management facility in this case is a five star hotel. The hotel has 250 double-bed rooms. All the rooms have attached toilet and bathroom facilities (en suite facilities)
The hotel has no suites. There are two large dining rooms. One of these dining rooms is a restaurant that offers an ‘a la carte’ menu. The other dining room has a capacity of 300 people and serves a standard buffet menu.
The other bar is a cocktail bar. It mainly focuses on the guests of the hotel who are staying there. However, members of the general public who are not staying in the hotel are also not prohibited from this bar.
There are three “function rooms” that serve as banquet halls for the arrangement of parties, wedding and conferences. Functions like these are a major and consistent source of revenue for the hotel.
The returns on investment in property of the hotel can only be maximized by optimum utilization of each inch of available space. The hotel seems to have succeeded in this. However, the facility design of the hotel could have been better if the hotel had left some more open space in ...
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