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Assignment example - Professional development matrix

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“Faith in ones own ideas and capability to be successful, willingness to take an independent position in the face of opposition is what self confidence is” I am confident of my own ability in accomplishing goals and presenting myself impressively when making a point or…

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I approach the challenging tasks with a ‘can do’ attitude. This increases my credibility among the colleagues and also boosts my own confidence level. Mostly, people favour my ideas and strategies because I am very careful and thoughtful in making decisions. I rarely jump to the conclusions. I opt to make a conclusion only after analyzing the whole scenario. When it comes to team work, my team also benefits a lot from my confidence.
My potential area for development will be to manage myself in stressful situations and try to project politeness and calmness when faced with such situations. “Confidence is your ability to be successful in part as expectation based on past experiences”. Although, the past experiences play an important role in decision making, but still all events are not same. I am slow in making decisions. I step back, ponder and observe others actions and act accordingly. I have learned that people may not always agree to my point of view. Working in a diverse environment, my attitude must have essence of self control. I have to significantly develop my skills of communication with others and present them with my point of view.
“Communication skills do not refer to the way in which we communicate with others. It includes the way in which we respond to each an every gestures of other”. The way we speak, our body gestures, facial expressions and tone of the voice, all these are included in the communication skills. Working in a diverse workplace, one has to be very careful about his/her way of communication. For me, the most useful and significant aspect of workplace is the way you communicate with others around you. I am good at listening and assimilating information. I always avoid conflicts and handle emotions well. I am very tactful even with the people that I don’t like. I control myself very well at times when my strategies and approaches are not given importance. On reflection, ...
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