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College Admission - Essay Example

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In my childhood, I learnt counting much before I did alphabets. Then as I grew up, I secured maximum marks in Mathematics. In fact, I enjoyed Math. The more I…

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College Admission

Now, when I have to choose a course at graduation level, I need it to be in complete accordance with my natural aptitude because this will lay the basis of my whole career in the future. No subject suits my aptitude as perfectly as Economics and therefore, I have decided to have it as my major in my studies at the Loyola Marymount University.
I have decided to study the course of Economics at the Loyola Marymount University because I have heard a lot about its unique educational setup and heavy equipment from my friends and seniors who are already pursuing this course. I believe that Loyola Marymount University will cater to my objective of gaining an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of Economics. Taking this course in Loyola Marymount University will adequately prepare me for competition in the ...
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