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RBC bank (Canada) & sustainability

Nixon corporate responsibility for the company is about the way company uses and makes money2.
Company has set six priorities for its corporate social responsibility which are operational integrity, economic impact, market place, work place, environment and community. Within the environmental priorities company is determined to reduce the intensity of the environmental footprint of RBC Canada, promote environmentally responsible business activities and offer environmental products and services3.
RBCs environmental footprint consists of range of activities of the company from the internal environment to the external environment. Company has tracked all the areas of operations that can have environmental impact and identified the ways to minimize the environmental impact. These include use of energy, paper consumption, and water use and procurement activities. In these areas company is minimizing its environmental footprint.
The company studied and identified the direct and indirect greenhouse gas emission by the company. This includes the source of electricity, production and distribution of documents and employee travel5. The company has Carbon Disclosure Project submission6. The key highlights of the progress of the company indicate that there are number of energy and greenhouse gas related initiatives. They launched a multi-year Energy Management Plan across the retail branch network in Canada. This consists of 200 lighting retrofits and 80 heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) efficiency assessment7.
The company has drafted a comprehensive policy for their environmental and risk management policy. As per this policy all the management decisions should be consider social and environmental risk. There have been tremendous developments in order to make this policy workable in the organization such as assessment of client’s environmental management systems, liabilities, community relations, environmental and labor regulations, ...
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It is listed in TSX and NYSE. The bank employs nearly 79,000 employees. These employees consist of fulltime and part-time employees. The customer base they serve are more than 18 million of…
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