Personal Development and Careers

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“Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge through experience which leads to an enduring change in behaviour.” (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2010) - Explain this statement, showing how it relates to a learning theory that you have studied on this module and to your own…


During other times, despite the efforts of the management for their workers to obtain learning, such employees may have low levels of motivation to develop their competencies and apply these in actual practice. This has consequently led to certain issues in relation to the willingness of both employees and the management towards skill development as well as the availability of learning and training programs (Tharenou, 2001).
On the whole, numerous researchers have been attempting to provide a clear definition for the concept of learning; however, not one definition has been viewed as conclusive or applicable in all contexts. Nevertheless, learning can bring about changes in an individual’s behavior depending on his experiences and findings. Therefore, the process of experiencing and discovering can result to a wider understanding of our surroundings as well as of ourselves (Yin, 2001). This can allow people to apply their obtained knowledge in a wide range of situations. The acquisition of knowledge often includes processes with which organized information can be acquired as data from experience is transformed and utilized as information that is useful.
Three types of knowledge has been identified- declarative knowledge that is referred to as knowledge based on fact, procedural knowledge that is described as being able to carry out tasks and activities, and metacognitive knowledge as being aware of how one thinks. Meanwhile, domain knowledge refers to the knowledge that an individual has regarding a particular field (Pun and Balkissoon, 2011). Through experiences and discoveries, people increase their awareness and understanding of how they eventually gain knowledge, learn, and apply certain behavioral changes. By means of the learning theories, we are able to view the concept of learning in certain perspectives. Pointing out the importance of experience in learning and creating changes in behavior, this can be ...
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