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Holocost audio reflection - Essay Example

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Children were separated from parents, millions of people died in the gas chambers, they went through starvation and worked like…

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Holocost audio reflection

As far as I understood, she was a child, was separated from her parents and miraculously survived during the holocaust. Together with other survivors she is speaking all over the world about what happened, and I believe it is a great idea for new generations to know about this moment in the history, in order for such horrible thing not to happen again.
I believe that the holocaust took place because of prejudice and hatred to the people of the Jewish nations. Nazis believed that they are superior nation and they separated all the people into so called levels, Jewish being at the lowest level, considered by them to be an inferior race. Killing of Jews was not sporadic, everything was planned and the system was well-tweaked. This is what amazes me the most. Thousands of German Nazis took part in it, and most likely they considered themselves to be right.
Probably hundreds or thousands historical studies were conducted about the reasons for holocaust. And they are still going on. Such mass killing of one nation never happened in the history of the humanity, and many scientists want to understand what moved those people behind the holocaust. But whatever the reasons, I think this is the most horrible event in the history. When I listen to such accounts, as the one of this lady, or read books of survivors, my only thought is that this should never happen again.
If we look at the present world we see hatred to other nations still going on. Taking the USA, for example, which is a multi-national country: people of different nations and religions live here. And though freedom and equal rights are claimed, we still see the hatred: the hatred of whites to blacks, and vice versa; the hatred of people of different religions to each other, claiming that only their faith is true, etc. The wars are still going on in our so called “civilized” world. Hundreds of people die every day in the 21st ...
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