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Witnessing the Paranormal by Using the Five Senses

The reason scholars assume opposing positions on the paranormal is primarily because things that are paranormal do not have any empirical methods of being understood. This is why the possibility of witnessing the paranormal by using five senses has proven to be such a big challenge.
Since paranormal activities are activities that transcend the normal, it is only natural for people to believe that perceiving anything paranormal requires some other senses other
than the normal five senses. Thus, some persons have said that there are senses other than the five which have already been established. Contrastively, it would not hurt if one gave a chance to the argument about the possibility of perceiving the paranormal just through the normal five senses. It is logical for one to think that all human beings are normal and no human is extraordinary. Thus, those that have the capacity to perceive the paranormal, only do so by using their five senses.
The argument may also be put forth that all humans are capable of using their normal senses to perceive the paranormal but only a few have been able to do so because these few are the one that have been able to effectively use their senses in ways others have not dared to (Westrum & Marcello 69; Wescott 13). These extra capabilities of these few may be placed side by side with the capability of some individuals to, for instance, pass in class more than others in an examination.
As living beings, we are able to partake in life by putting into proper use the five senses which are natural to us. We have heard stories of people who at some points were disconnected from the normal processes or activities of life. ...
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Scholars are divided on issues that pertain to the paranormal. While some say that the paranormal is nothing but a figment of the imagination of some individuals, others who agree that there is indeed any area of study called the paranormal are of different viewpoints about some aspects. …
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