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Foreign film report

They were contacted by Rancho’s rival Chatur and said that he has found Rancho. Chatur made a bet with Rancho that after 5 years, they will see who will be more successful. The story is a series of flashbacks that tackled their struggles and triumphs during their college life. Rancho, Fahran and Raju were labeled idiots by the dean whom the students call Virus like the computer virus. The dean had several attempts to break their friendship by calling in Fahran and Raju’s parents telling them that Rancho is a bad influence to the two, blackmailing them and several others that had constantly failed. There was one part in the story that really made an impact, it was when Raju’s dad, the postmaster, was rushed to the hospital, after that they had to take an exam. All three were worried that they will fail the exam and when results were released, Raju and Fahran were the last two on the list that passed. Initially they had thought that Rancho failed but then it turned out that he topped the exams. And it continued to be like that for until they graduated.
Their friendship was tested when Raju jumped off the third floor or the building because Virus has blackmailed him into choosing whether to tell on Rancho and he would be off the hook or he would keep his silence and he would be the one expelled. He chose to jump off the building therefore putting him on a comatose for a period of time. Rancho and Fahran did everything to make him wake up and succeeded. The story ended with the two finding their long lost friend and finding out that he had become a scientist.
I liked the movie since it had emphasized the value of education, the importance of friends and that excellence comes from doing what you love the most. It is sometimes hard to find a film that can both inspire and make you laugh at the same time. And the film brought a greater understanding of ...
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It is a story of three engineering students who shared a room in one of the dormitories in the Imperial College of Engineering (ICE) and became the best of friends. The main characters of the story are…
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