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Medicare insurance is a governmental program offered to the elderly of the United States population, which has essential and inherent problems as the needs of the aged population grows. “Medicare is a centralized health insurance program that compensates for hospital and medical care for elderly and disabled US citizens” (Getting Started, n.d.). Many health organizations and common companies are using Medicare services and, therefore, companies use Medicare insurance for their employee’s health security. These organizations would need to get the updates and new information from the insurance company. So a permanent relation between both the parties is necessary. To get the updates from the insurance company, the employees should maintain permanent contacts with the company.
The situation in this case is that the billing assistant is sick and the manager has asked me to fill in. I decided to quickly review the office protocol for Medicare insurance billing. I noticed that a new form is now required and that the office is not currently following it. I brought this problem to the office manager’s attention. He asked me to update the office’s Medicare form. Therefore, I needed to study more about the Medicare insurance and how to update the form. The office already possessed Medicare forms but they were not updated. For updating the form, the company should have a permanent contact with the Medicare Company. Direct, online as well as contacts through phones and letters would also help to get the new updates from the company. “Make an appointment, if necessary, to sign in the presence of the notary/witness” (How to Update Beneficiaries on an Insurance Policy, 1999). There would be somebody who is responsible for the insurance billing and that person should collect the updates from the insurance company and report them. Since I am responsible for doing this work now, I would contact the Medicare insurance company to ...
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The paper would help to know about the updating process of Medicare form as well as its billing process. This developed tool has the potential to be implemented at a health care organization. There…
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